Research context

Specification and experimentation of an intelligent digital ecosystem supporting positive user experience for a collective of experts engaged in participatory knowledge creation and collaborative innovation

Founded by Gilles Effront and Caroline young, the SME Experconnect has been involved in the field of human resources management and consulting since 2005, in France and internationally. It offers its client companies the means to remain beneficiaries of the strategic skills of their future retirees, who will be able to return to operations during an engineering mission, a subsidiary opening, the conduct of a project or the facilitation of training.

As part of a post-retirement collaboration project with Framatome, Experconnect has set up a digital collaborative work platform called KEEN for "knowledge and expertise exchange network" from 2016.

KEEN is inspired by the work of Bhattacharya et al. (2000) to provide a modular system that allows people working on similar topics to share a workspace, Exchange content and do "smart" research. Mobilized in an experimental context of post-retirement collaboration, KEEN has allowed to emerge, within a secure framework, a true professional collective consisting of both employees and retirees, experts "retired" who can appropriating the cases submitted by employees "in Office" and arranging their expert knowledge to work collaboratively to solve these cases. However, difficulties arose during the transition to KEEN's scale and production, affecting the lack of culture and user-sharing practices, which were more accustomed to developing individually than collectively. KEEN has proved to be insufficiently attractive, in the eyes of retired experts and employees in positions. A return of experience has been completed, which concludes that the KEEN platform is not sufficiently user-centric to be able to induce changes in attitudes and expected behaviours, which alone could curb overly individualistic uses.